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The Addams Family Musical

I caught the Addams Family Musical at RWS last Wednesday, despite the fact that there is a major event the next day at work and I had to report at 7am. I took the chance to watch the musical to take a break from all the stressed accumulated due to the event. Well, it’s not easy to be in the event line, changes occurred even on the very day of the event.

The musical was great. I had a good laugh and I love act about “The Disclosure”. The music, dance, effects and story line were really good. At some point of them, the script of the actor/actresses got me wondering as well.

What do you mean by “a normal life”? 

You want crazy?! I give you CRAZY!

These 2 sentences caught my attention. Seriously, what is a normal life? I wonder who can answer that. E.


These photos were took in the year of 2010 and 2011. I had traveled to Hong Kong during that 2 years. I miss the food and the shopping there! I love Hong Kong! I miss you a lot! This year, I will be going to Hong Kong again! I will be there with a shorter hairstyle. (I miss my long hair!) I am going to prepare to checklist of food to eat and the places whereby I want to go. Hopefully, I will be back with wonderful photos and memories to share with you guys! I can’t wait for that day to arrive! 😀 E.

I’m back…

Heya! I am back. Well… the renovation at home is completed, but now I am busy with house chores. It’s just an excuse to stay away from my laptop. Nevertheless, I can’t resist the temptation to set up my laptop and blog.

To be honest, I am feeling tired these few days. Work has been draining quite an amount of my energy. Brain cells were killed during the process. I do not have the energy to think about “Cats in Crime” and other creative works. Inspiration comes in slow. That’s pretty much explain why “Cats in Crime” came to a halt. I do have a few more drawings yet to be digitalised. However, it is no longer a 365 days project. I will still try my best to draw as many as I can, because drawing keeps me sane.

Negative thoughts aside. The haze issue in Singapore is turning for the better. The PSI is below 100 now. However, I am looking forward to the day when the air is fresh again. Other than the haze, my life is pretty much filled up with activities. They are keeping me busy and happy. At the same time, I am planning a birthday getaway in September. I want to visit Hong Kong! I miss that place A LOT!

Alright… that’s all for now. Let’s hope I will be consistent in my updates. 🙂 E.



Time flies. In a blink of an eye, it’s the first of July. I felt that I have did nothing, but in fact, I have started doing several things like hitting the gym. I am taking things at my own pace now. It’s all about time management. I look forward to see what I can achieve at the end of this year. E.

Why I Like Cats?


He is one of the reasons. Puss in Boots!

PS: Top image took in 2011 and second image took in 2012. 

Digital Era

Most people who are living in the digital era owns several social media accounts. So do I, I have quite a number of social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, blogs (I have more than one platforms), portfolio, instagram and the list goes on.

I did blog about my dislikes for several social medias. I still do and am very tempted to delete the accounts. However, we can no longer delete Facebook accounts or history. Moreover, I need my account for work, so i just leave it alone. As for Twitter, it slowly becomes a platform for people to vent off. I dislike it due to the negative vibe. I am mainly active on instagram and this blog.

Talking about negativity, I felt that as I grow older, my level of tolerance towards negativity is very short. I don’t like to give reassurance unnecessary.

Somehow all these social medias are replacing the norms of conversations. I felt that people rather looked at their phone than to sit down and have a nice dinner with others. This is what I do not like. Sometimes, during such occasions, you would wish that all these never exist.

However with social medias, it is so easy to connect with one another. You can share or gather information easily. This is great. People realised it and some started to abuse this advantage. They troll or maybe share false information.

This is also one of the reasons why I decided not to visit them too much. Thus, I am here venting it off and giving my two cents worth. I definitely prefer this space.