June and July in a Fleet

I didn’t took many photos in that two months. I have been concentrating on taking photos of the clouds and editing those image, as seen on my Instagram. Now, I refuse to post any food photo unless I have a story to write about them. That’s all for now. E.


Visual Diary x Gastropod shell

Fuk Tak Chi Temple

One night, Laureen and I happened to walked past the Fuk Tak Chi Temple. To be honest, I do not know of this temple due that night. The museum stood out among the different buildings, which caught our attention. The museum was extremely quiet as there’re only the two of us. We took our time to look at the artifacts and models which showcase the life of the Chinese migrants back in the early days.

The Fuk Tak Chi Temple is the oldest Chinese temple in Singapore. It is built in 1824 and the building was restored in 1998. It is now converted into a museum, showcasing the early life of a Chinese migrants.

More information: 

  • Admission price: FREE
  • Opening hours: Daily 10am to 10pm
  • Address: Far East Square, 76 Telok Ayer Street
  • Nearby MRT Station: Raffles Place

If you are interested in history and happened to be around the area, feel free to go to the museum. You would be amazed by the history. Moreover, the temple is relatively small, it would not take up too much of your time.

The photos are took with an iPhone 4s, hence the noise. E.

Drowsy Drawings

Heya. I am down with flu and fever, so I am doing nothing and resting at home today. I am feeling very restless and drowsy right now, while I am typing this post. To be honest, it sucks to be sick on a weekend. There are so many things I want to do, but the energy is not there. Mind over body? It felt more like medication effects over body! I am so bored that I took out my iPad and started scribbling, but I have no idea what I am drawing.

I seriously have no idea what is this, but I think it can make a good header. 

I shall name this… Typhoon C, C represents colours and craziness.

Then, I was playing with the apps on my phone to see what type of design I could come out with. I went around my house, looking out of the windows and snapping photos. I am working around with the limitations and I managed to come out with these snaps.

Now that I am sick, I really wish to dissolve into the clouds. Let me soar into the sky, where it contend no worry, no pain, nothing. I just want my mind to be blank. I like this picture a lot! 

I lived in a concrete jungle. Even right now, while I am starring out of my window while typing, somehow I can only sense the coldness of this place despite the splashing colous. I am lucky to be here, but I wonder what’s missing.  

To be honest, I seriously have no idea what am I thinking or typing right now. My ideas are all over the place. I guessed the only thing I desperately want now is to recover from this illness! E.  

Taipei – Sightseeing

We went sightseeing for the last 2 days, if I remembered correctly. I totally forget about the itinerary. However, I can remember the fried golden mushroom and the wonderful wind at Fisherman Wharf. All good things come to an end, so this marks the end of my Taipei Trip. E.

Taipei Zoo

Opps… Caught in an act.

I grew some hairs.

We went to the Taipei Zoo during one of the days of our Taipei Trip. Oh! It was also only 16 degrees C that day! It was so chilly! Our main motive of going to the zoo is to see the pandas. It’s not that there are no panda in the Singapore Zoo, it just that it’s not worth the money to see them in Singapore. Nevertheless, it was quite an enjoyable walk in the zoo. There wasn’t any crowd, plus that zoo is more spacious and the animals were not as lazy as those in Singapore. 

April and May in a Fleet

Pretty Nails. Wanderlust Coma. “I’m Iron Man.” Good Food. Meow.