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Past vs Future





So, what are you waiting for?

036. Old vs New

I miss the ‘old’ me but I kind of like the ‘new’ me. Maybe I have grown up. Maybe I have change. Maybe I am just no longer the same. I won’t deny the fact that through these years, many things had happened.

As I observed, there are some cycles in life. These cycles may happened, however the process are always different, leading to different outcome. I may or may not be happy with it. Life still goes on no matter what.

The ‘old’ me thinks a lot, the ‘new’ me can’t be bothered with a lot of issues now. Priorities are no longer the same. I won’t deny the fact that ‘old’ me is crazier. I have lost a bit of my craziness, I kind of miss that. However, there are things about me that I don’t miss. I don’t miss some of my values and I am ascertain about that.

I supposed it’s a way of growing up. Well, I am pretty sure that we will all grow old and reminiscing about our past at some points of our life.

How about you? Do you miss yourself?

Comes what may

Now that I have more time on hand, I start to think a bit more about my future, or rather on what do I want exactly. It’s hard to pen down the emotions that are within me, needless to say about the thoughts. Majority of these thoughts are due to external factors, because now that I have more time, I started to read and catch up on the news. (The government is planning to increase the population in Singapore. It has it boons and bans.)

I starred at my bucket list. I was wandering if the points that I listed were what I seriously wanted to do? What do I gain from all these? How do I feel towards them? My mum was the one who questioned me when I started on my 365 drawing project: Cats in Crime. To be extremely frank towards myself, I know I had nothing much to gain. However, the entire process of thinking about what to draw to the editing was an enjoyable process. Until now, I don’t find it as a chore. I like to design. I am happy. My inner self is at equilibrium.

This year I started to work towards my goals. Right now, I am reflecting and thinking of the consequences of each goal. I am certain that there will be changes to the bucket list. At the end of the day (or life), I want to live life to the fullest. Like the tagline “Making the best out of imperfections”, I will make do with what I have and make the best out of them. Well, because I know it’s hard to get 100% freedom, but it doesn’t mean that I do not have the freedom of choice to do the things I like. As long as I am happy, other people opinions don’t matter.

I shall leave you to ponder/wonder with this comic that I reblogged on my tumblr.

(Source: Alan Watts – What if money was no object?)

008. Low batt