June and July in a Fleet

I didn’t took many photos in that two months. I have been concentrating on taking photos of the clouds and editing those image, as seen on my Instagram. Now, I refuse to post any food photo unless I have a story to write about them. That’s all for now. E.


Clouds + Words + Sprinkle of Magic Dust

After exploring several apps in my phone, I had put in more effort into taking and editing photos. I used to just snapped them and post them on instagram. However, right now, I would try to see there’re anything interesting or caught my eyes. As you could observed from the above pictures, I am addicted to taking photos of clouds and include a quote in. To be honest, I am starting to snap photos of clouds. They are nice and put you in a state of peacefulness for that few seconds. It’s a good therapy. I will be posting them on my instagram periodically, do hop over to see them. Let me know if you like it! 🙂 E.   

Drowsy Drawings

Heya. I am down with flu and fever, so I am doing nothing and resting at home today. I am feeling very restless and drowsy right now, while I am typing this post. To be honest, it sucks to be sick on a weekend. There are so many things I want to do, but the energy is not there. Mind over body? It felt more like medication effects over body! I am so bored that I took out my iPad and started scribbling, but I have no idea what I am drawing.

I seriously have no idea what is this, but I think it can make a good header. 

I shall name this… Typhoon C, C represents colours and craziness.

Then, I was playing with the apps on my phone to see what type of design I could come out with. I went around my house, looking out of the windows and snapping photos. I am working around with the limitations and I managed to come out with these snaps.

Now that I am sick, I really wish to dissolve into the clouds. Let me soar into the sky, where it contend no worry, no pain, nothing. I just want my mind to be blank. I like this picture a lot! 

I lived in a concrete jungle. Even right now, while I am starring out of my window while typing, somehow I can only sense the coldness of this place despite the splashing colous. I am lucky to be here, but I wonder what’s missing.  

To be honest, I seriously have no idea what am I thinking or typing right now. My ideas are all over the place. I guessed the only thing I desperately want now is to recover from this illness! E.  

April and May in a Fleet

Pretty Nails. Wanderlust Coma. “I’m Iron Man.” Good Food. Meow. 

Welcome to Taiwan

Hello! I am currently in Taiwan. If you wish to wish to know more about Taiwan from my perspective, visit my instagram or twitter. I would be doing quick updates on those platforms. I will be back to blog about this trip. Hopefully, I will bring back great ideas for my drawings too. 🙂 Anyway, I have scheduled posts, so there would still be update on this space. Ciaos! See you guys soon.

February and March in a Fleet

This was what happened in the month of February and March. If you realised, I have been indulging in food, especially desserts. I have a sweet tooth, or should I say sweet teeth. Even till date, I am still indulging in food. I guess I live to eat, then eat to live. Anyway, the photos could be found in my instagram. E.