Drowsy Drawings

Heya. I am down with flu and fever, so I am doing nothing and resting at home today. I am feeling very restless and drowsy right now, while I am typing this post. To be honest, it sucks to be sick on a weekend. There are so many things I want to do, but the energy is not there. Mind over body? It felt more like medication effects over body! I am so bored that I took out my iPad and started scribbling, but I have no idea what I am drawing.

I seriously have no idea what is this, but I think it can make a good header. 

I shall name this… Typhoon C, C represents colours and craziness.

Then, I was playing with the apps on my phone to see what type of design I could come out with. I went around my house, looking out of the windows and snapping photos. I am working around with the limitations and I managed to come out with these snaps.

Now that I am sick, I really wish to dissolve into the clouds. Let me soar into the sky, where it contend no worry, no pain, nothing. I just want my mind to be blank. I like this picture a lot! 

I lived in a concrete jungle. Even right now, while I am starring out of my window while typing, somehow I can only sense the coldness of this place despite the splashing colous. I am lucky to be here, but I wonder what’s missing.  

To be honest, I seriously have no idea what am I thinking or typing right now. My ideas are all over the place. I guessed the only thing I desperately want now is to recover from this illness! E.  


Blog Design – Colour Scheme

(Click on image to view in original size.) 

I had a hard time thinking of the colour scheme of my blog. I am 100% certain that the content area of the blog has to be WHITE. Well… at least I settled the content area.

Since I have no idea where to start from, I flipped through pages of the colour bridge. I didn’t look through every single colour, but I tried to observe which colours attract my attention and listed them out. After that, I started to compare and shortlist the ones that I could relate to. The above image shows the colours which I had shortlisted. My favourites are 2735 C and Reflex Blue C. Surprisingly, these colours are similar to the colour series in my wardrobe.

It wasn’t easy to streamline down to these colours. Furthermore, I would still need to further shortlist them, choosing only five(?) and making sure that they complement one another. It’s going to be tough, but I believe I could do it.

Do you like any colour(s) from the above list? E.

(Source: Pantone.)

040. Personal space

No matter how close you are to a person, it’s always good to respect one another’s personal space.

038. Cherry

Pretty, please? With a cherry on top. Meow~

035. Tulips in Netherlands

So, I happened to read about this post in Design Boom. The bird eye view of the fields in Netherlands is simply breathtaking. It’s Mother Nature’s way of creating art. I don’t mind absorbing in the art. I would love to be in the midst of those tulips too. Surrounded by nature and it’s scent, just the imagination of it is so peaceful. And yes! I was inspired to draw that cat in the land of tulips. The above pictures are indeed very pretty. They were taken by It indeed open my eyes about looking at things from different angles. Sometimes, beauty could be found in almost everything, depending on the angle you are looking at.

Anyway, @marillq tried to copy my above drawing via an app on her iPad, and this was what she drew. Not bad, right?

(Images Source and Original source of images.)

Cats in Crime: 031 and 032

I happened to chance upon this entry “Lovely Shetland Ponies Dressed in Sweaters to Promote Scotland“. The ponies are so cute. (I like ponies and horses.) For more information, you could visit Scotland tourism page. The below image is my favourite and it inspired me to draw 2 comics for my Cats in Crime series.


031. I want to go to SCOTLAND!

I do want to go to Scotland one day, and take a look at the ponies, with or without the cardigan. Haa. I wish I could go there and travel, in the near future.

032. A Cardigan

So, instead of purchasing an air ticket and fly across the globe. The owner of the cat bought a cardigan for the cat. Well, it’s better than not receiving any surprise, right? Thank goodness, the cat likes the cardigan a lot. Cat says, “So fuzzy…meow.”

(Original source of image.)

October in a Fleet

Time flies. October has been a busy month for me. I am having a war with time. I had submitted a report and completed a test. Obviously, not forgetting about my work. Sometimes, I feel like I have never-ending amount of things to be completed. I am looking forward to December, whereby I will bid goodbye to school once I finish my exams. After that, I will be concentrating on my own projects. 😀 There’s so many things I want to share, but I shall not jinx it.

Ok, I shall spam some photos of what happened in October.

Greetings from Mr. Legoman.

My brain-storming corner.

Just a doodle. Pretty?

Pizza fest.

Getting a paper cut.

“Me wants cookies!” I think I have been featuring cookie monster a lot. Do you know, cookie monster is called Sid too?

Cheery tomatoes in a wine glass.


I sewed a pillow to wrap my watches around them.




More sweet stuffs.

Sewing Machine.


Cat in the dark.

Dark Olive Green nails.

Sharkie met the Gingerbread Man.

I found my horsey, which I bought from the Europe trip, in my wardrobe. It’s like a surprise.

He has a friend, the lamb. 7 years ago, I adopted the lamb. Time flies.

Alright, that’s all for now.