Good news

Hi all, I have a good news to share. Remember that I mentioned that I would be revamping my blog? Yes, I had moved to a new place now. I imported the content from this blog over to the new site as well, so you could still check out my old posts. From now on, I will be updating over at that new site. Hopefully with the new layout, I will be more motivated to blog frequently with better posts. So, do check out my new site, and let me know if you have any comments! See you there!


Blog Design – Themes

I am thinking if I should change the blog’s theme. Thus, I was playing around with the themes that are available. I have shortlisted these three themes: Photography Theme, Superhero Theme and Twenty Eleven Theme.

I am currently using Twenty Eleven Theme, as it is easy to use. It has everything that I need or want for a blog. However, after exploring Photography Theme, it gave me an idea that I could merge both my port folio together with my blog. This will allow me to have everything on one site. The overall control is on a platform. However, I need to pay for the theme and I will need time to figure out how to use that. As for Superhero, I like the fixed header and the overall look and feel of the theme.

Thus, till now, I am unable to think which is the theme that I exactly want. I think I have to think through on the long term basic on what my focuses are, before I proceed to use the theme. Hopefully, I would be able to figure it out soon. E.


Blog Design – Colour Scheme

(Click on image to view in original size.) 

I had a hard time thinking of the colour scheme of my blog. I am 100% certain that the content area of the blog has to be WHITE. Well… at least I settled the content area.

Since I have no idea where to start from, I flipped through pages of the colour bridge. I didn’t look through every single colour, but I tried to observe which colours attract my attention and listed them out. After that, I started to compare and shortlist the ones that I could relate to. The above image shows the colours which I had shortlisted. My favourites are 2735 C and Reflex Blue C. Surprisingly, these colours are similar to the colour series in my wardrobe.

It wasn’t easy to streamline down to these colours. Furthermore, I would still need to further shortlist them, choosing only five(?) and making sure that they complement one another. It’s going to be tough, but I believe I could do it.

Do you like any colour(s) from the above list? E.

(Source: Pantone.)


Yes, like the title suggested, this site would be under going a revamp. However, it doesn’t mean that I would not be posting any more posts. Right now, I have yet to think of any design or theme. So, the revamp would not take place so fast. It would be enforce slowly but certainly. Hopefully, I would be able to showcase the new look by the end of September. I have about 6 more months to come out with the design. During these 6 months, I would be blogging about the process of revamping, as I will single handedly do up all the designs and layout. I am looking forward to see the result.