Happy Birthday Meh Meh!

To my dearest Meh Meh, 

This year marks the 6th year of our friendship. To be exact, the duration doesn’t matter and it doesn’t feel that long. We went through different phrases together, from being 1X to 2X, sharing of our dark secrets to knowing each other family. No word can express my thanks to you for being there for me no matter what happens. I know I can count on you.

Now that we are at our own pace to achieving our own goals, I wish us success in the areas that we want to go into. Let’s help and inspire one another. We have all the time in the world to mark the milestones together.


Not one of the greatest drawing, but one that is dedicated specially for you.

PS: I will add more charms to your bracelet. 🙂

Glad that you got to meet me,
Estney. Meow.


2012 Birthday Celebration at USS

Finally, I finished editing the photos of my birthday celebration last year. Last September, I invited @marillq to celebrate birthday with me at Universal Studios Singapore (USS). We didn’t took all the rides that day. However, we went to many corners of USS to take many pictures. Here are some of the pictures that I had edited, I do not follow a specific theme when I edited the photos. I edited them accordingly to my mood at the moment. Yes, I am one of those at-the-moment type of people. 

Marill and I.


She has great legs.

On this very day…

I become 1 year older. Hopefully, 1 year wiser. 🙂 Most importantly, I want to be healthy too.

(It’s saddening to be sick on my birthday. I am down with flu. Hopefully, I will have a speedy recovery.)

So instead of coming up with wishes, I decided to be greedier and make them into a bucket list. I have been pondering for awhile about what I want. I sincerely hope that I will be able to fulfill them one day. Right now, I have enrolled myself in the process of achieving them.

Digressing a little… 

At the initial start of pursuing my studies, I just wanted a certificate with good grades, so that I will be able to find a good job. It’s very superficial. Through the process, I realised that there are more to it. I learnt to appreciate marketing and communication skills. Never ending amount of reports to be completed, but I learnt to use the correct words. To the extent that, sometimes, I wish people will learn to appreciate the words and not abuse them. As for marketing, whenever I travel overseas, once I saw familiar brands, I can totally imagine the amount of work the organisations have done just to become the leaders. It’s never easy. This is one of the MANY reasons why I love to travel, I don’t want to be stuck here and only to be able to learn and observe through a screen. I want to go and experience it myself. It’s great. Of course, how could I forget about the fun and shopping!

(I no longer care much about my grades, but still… I want good grades. I only believe in putting in effort and do things well. If not, don’t bothered to study in the first place.)

Back to the topic…

I have included the bucket list as a page, so as to serve as a reminder for myself to work hard towards them. Whatever I am doing are solely for the purpose of wanting to lead a better life (not just for myself, but the people who are close to me too) and to fulfill them one day.

And lastly, Happy Birthday to me! Please recover soon!

I wish for everyone to be happy and healthy. And I am hoping to enjoy THAT day too.