058. Supercat

LOOK! It’s a bird. It’s a plane. NO! ITS SUPERMAN!

WAIT… Hold on. IT’S A CAT! Meow.


June and July in a Fleet

I didn’t took many photos in that two months. I have been concentrating on taking photos of the clouds and editing those image, as seen on my Instagram. Now, I refuse to post any food photo unless I have a story to write about them. That’s all for now. E.

057. Introducing

I have yet to do a formal introduction on “Cats in Crime” and “Animobots”. There are some similarities between them. However, the significant differences between them is that the characters of Animobots are the zombie version of Cats in Crime.

Why did I describe them as zombies? Well… You know there will always be a period of time when you feel like you are doing things without any aim. Moreover, there will always be some people around you who behave like one.

So for Cats in Crime, majority of the drawings are inspired by my surrounding. You could say that majority of the illustrations are true to a great extent. It maybe about me or other people.

So that’s all for now. E.

Visual Diary x Gastropod shell


Inspired by – Mirrors, Justin Timberlake

The Addams Family Musical

I caught the Addams Family Musical at RWS last Wednesday, despite the fact that there is a major event the next day at work and I had to report at 7am. I took the chance to watch the musical to take a break from all the stressed accumulated due to the event. Well, it’s not easy to be in the event line, changes occurred even on the very day of the event.

The musical was great. I had a good laugh and I love act about “The Disclosure”. The music, dance, effects and story line were really good. At some point of them, the script of the actor/actresses got me wondering as well.

What do you mean by “a normal life”? 

You want crazy?! I give you CRAZY!

These 2 sentences caught my attention. Seriously, what is a normal life? I wonder who can answer that. E.