Taipei – Sightseeing

We went sightseeing for the last 2 days, if I remembered correctly. I totally forget about the itinerary. However, I can remember the fried golden mushroom and the wonderful wind at Fisherman Wharf. All good things come to an end, so this marks the end of my Taipei Trip. E.


Taipei Zoo

Opps… Caught in an act.

I grew some hairs.

We went to the Taipei Zoo during one of the days of our Taipei Trip. Oh! It was also only 16 degrees C that day! It was so chilly! Our main motive of going to the zoo is to see the pandas. It’s not that there are no panda in the Singapore Zoo, it just that it’s not worth the money to see them in Singapore. Nevertheless, it was quite an enjoyable walk in the zoo. There wasn’t any crowd, plus that zoo is more spacious and the animals were not as lazy as those in Singapore. 

Crazy Shopping in Taipei

We spent the first few days of our journey SHOPPING! Yes, SHOPPING! The shopping in Taipei was fantastic. You will get to see a lot of cute things, nice clothing and shoes. They are so much more affordable as compared to the prices in Singapore. Moreover, there’s discount and tax rebates! I resisted from buying all the unpractical items and gifts. We shopped and ate at the same time. There are plenty of street food available, you won’t be able to starve! At most, sicked of eating all the fried food. That’s what happened.

Now as I blogged about this entry, it reminded me to stop shopping in Singapore, almost everything here is overpriced. Moreover, I do not have the mood to really shop now. (I am saving money for my next trip.) And my wardrobe and shoe rack is filled to the brim. I bought like 6 pairs of shoes from Taipei. Well… That explained a lot, right? E.

PS: The pretty lady in the images is Laureen. 😉

PPS: Did you manage to spot Iron Man?! 😀

Men and their Cars. Women and their Shoes.

Today, I packed away 3 of my killer heels. They were once my battle shoes. As I hardly wore them out now, I decided to pack them back into their respective shoe box. When the occasions or moods call for them, I would wear it again. So, I replaced those 3 heels with another 3 pairs of comfy gay shoes. I called them my gay shoes because they made me so happy wearing them as they are very comfy. Anyway, they were loots from my recent Taiwan Trip.

I guessed a woman can never have enough of shopping, just like a man who could always raves about the different cars. I have more than 10 pairs of shoes (and my wardrobe is bursting). I really have to stop shopping and start saving up. E.

Taipei – Instagram Special

Grad’ Trip in Taipei – Summary

Hello! I am back from my graduation trip from Taipei (Taiwan). I was away from 18 April to 23 April in Taipei – shopping, eating and minimal sight seeing. It’s was an relaxing trip. I didn’t took a lot of photos, as majority of the time, I was shopping or eating. Alternatively, I just do not feel like taking any photos.

I won’t deny the fact that I am having withdrawal symptoms now. Specifically, I miss the weather and shopping. I spent almost 99% of the budget for my own stuffs, and only using like 1% of it on gifts. It was a great trip, with great company – Laureen.

I guessed the difficulties in travelling in Taipei was that you must have a relatively good conduct of Chinese. Majority of the signboards are in Chinese, I can’t read some of them.

As for the food, I would say the bubble tea are great! I love their milk tea with herbal/grass jelly. It’s great! They tasted so much better than those that are available in Singapore. My favorite food through out this trip would be – Fried Golden Mushroom. It’s crispy and delicious. Thinking about all these street food, make me crave for them right now. Maybe, I should try and fry some golden mushroom soon! Maybe battered potatoes and lotus slices too. Sound like a plan! E.

Welcome to Taiwan

Hello! I am currently in Taiwan. If you wish to wish to know more about Taiwan from my perspective, visit my instagram or twitter. I would be doing quick updates on those platforms. I will be back to blog about this trip. Hopefully, I will bring back great ideas for my drawings too. 🙂 Anyway, I have scheduled posts, so there would still be update on this space. Ciaos! See you guys soon.