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It’s all about FATE

“Happiness, you see, its just an illusion of Fate, a heavenly sleight of hand designed to make you believe in fairy tales. But there’s no happily ever after. You’ll only find happy endings in books. Some books.” – Ellen Hopkins


There’s always a flame burning in everyone. The sizes of the flames differ from one another. All burn for a passion. A hope that this passion will turn into reality one day. It’s not easy to maintain this flame. It flickers whenever there are motion around it. It’s even more challenging to ensure the flame to burn for a life time.

My flame is burning, awaiting for the day that I could fulfill my dream. It’s hard to fuel this flame when I have other commitments at the same time. The flame become smaller when boundaries and limitations are set on me.

I never like restrictions set upon me. It’s suffocating. With boundaries, there are things that I could or could not do.

I long for freedom, where my mind can set free and wander to a place where it solely belongs to me. This is the ultimate goal which I am wildly chasing after. My flame burns brightly for my dream. One day, I will be able to live with it. E.

Mind Full of Love

Drowsy Drawings

Heya. I am down with flu and fever, so I am doing nothing and resting at home today. I am feeling very restless and drowsy right now, while I am typing this post. To be honest, it sucks to be sick on a weekend. There are so many things I want to do, but the energy is not there. Mind over body? It felt more like medication effects over body! I am so bored that I took out my iPad and started scribbling, but I have no idea what I am drawing.

I seriously have no idea what is this, but I think it can make a good header. 

I shall name this… Typhoon C, C represents colours and craziness.

Then, I was playing with the apps on my phone to see what type of design I could come out with. I went around my house, looking out of the windows and snapping photos. I am working around with the limitations and I managed to come out with these snaps.

Now that I am sick, I really wish to dissolve into the clouds. Let me soar into the sky, where it contend no worry, no pain, nothing. I just want my mind to be blank. I like this picture a lot! 

I lived in a concrete jungle. Even right now, while I am starring out of my window while typing, somehow I can only sense the coldness of this place despite the splashing colous. I am lucky to be here, but I wonder what’s missing.  

To be honest, I seriously have no idea what am I thinking or typing right now. My ideas are all over the place. I guessed the only thing I desperately want now is to recover from this illness! E.  

I’m back…

Heya! I am back. Well… the renovation at home is completed, but now I am busy with house chores. It’s just an excuse to stay away from my laptop. Nevertheless, I can’t resist the temptation to set up my laptop and blog.

To be honest, I am feeling tired these few days. Work has been draining quite an amount of my energy. Brain cells were killed during the process. I do not have the energy to think about “Cats in Crime” and other creative works. Inspiration comes in slow. That’s pretty much explain why “Cats in Crime” came to a halt. I do have a few more drawings yet to be digitalised. However, it is no longer a 365 days project. I will still try my best to draw as many as I can, because drawing keeps me sane.

Negative thoughts aside. The haze issue in Singapore is turning for the better. The PSI is below 100 now. However, I am looking forward to the day when the air is fresh again. Other than the haze, my life is pretty much filled up with activities. They are keeping me busy and happy. At the same time, I am planning a birthday getaway in September. I want to visit Hong Kong! I miss that place A LOT!

Alright… that’s all for now. Let’s hope I will be consistent in my updates. 🙂 E.



Time flies. In a blink of an eye, it’s the first of July. I felt that I have did nothing, but in fact, I have started doing several things like hitting the gym. I am taking things at my own pace now. It’s all about time management. I look forward to see what I can achieve at the end of this year. E.