Just a quick update…

Currently Singapore is facing SERIOUS haze issue. It’s extremely hazy now, be it outdoor or indoor. So to everyone who is in Singapore, don your mask (if not tissue), hydrate yourselves and stay healthy! Let’s just hope that there would be a strong gush of wind soon.



I will be away on a short hiatus as my house is undergoing renovation. It’s very noisy and dusty while I am typing this on my iPad. Moreover, I would be going for a short getaway (again) soon. So I might not be able to have a chance to do a proper post as I can’t access my laptop. All the photos are inside. 😦 Pardon me, I promise I will be back real soon. 🙂

Psst… I will be updating on my Instagram. Catch me there.

Singapore Social Concert 2013

That’s how I spent my Friday night. It’d been awhile since I went to a concert. Moreover, I get to see both Carly Rae Jepsen and Psy! It’s was a great stress relief and it was fun! It reminded me of my younger and crazier days. Thanks Laureen for the ticket. 

Chasing After Dreams

Have you ever have the sudden urge to quit your job right now and chase after your dreams? Have you ever felt so suffocated due to all the restrictions and boundaries that you wish just run away? Have you ever hope to drop everything that is on your hand now and do literally nothing?

I do. However, I didn’t have the courage to do any of those. There are too many things that are stopping me from chasing my dreams. I could only work towards it slowly.

“Only when you lose everything, then you will gain freedom.”

I wonder when would I have both the urge and courage to risk it all in exchange for freedom. Is freedom really that hard to seek for? What would you do if you are in my shoes? E.

12.02.2013 – A Walk in Marina Bay Sands

It was the Chinese New Year period. So my family and I decided to go to Marina Bay Sands to have a walk. I bought my camera along, hoping to practice my photography skills, but I bought the wrong lens. However, I just made do with it, and surprisingly the photos turned out to be quite nice. I guessed sometimes, mistakes do give pleasant and positive surprises too. E.

Men and their Cars. Women and their Shoes.

Today, I packed away 3 of my killer heels. They were once my battle shoes. As I hardly wore them out now, I decided to pack them back into their respective shoe box. When the occasions or moods call for them, I would wear it again. So, I replaced those 3 heels with another 3 pairs of comfy gay shoes. I called them my gay shoes because they made me so happy wearing them as they are very comfy. Anyway, they were loots from my recent Taiwan Trip.

I guessed a woman can never have enough of shopping, just like a man who could always raves about the different cars. I have more than 10 pairs of shoes (and my wardrobe is bursting). I really have to stop shopping and start saving up. E.