Bucket List

Instead of writing a wishlist, here I am, writing a bucket list. Everything listed here has always been in my mind since young. Hopefully I will get to fulfill them soon. These are also some of the motivations that are keeping me alive. I hope this will encourage everyone to have a bucket list too.

  1. To travel around the world and to experience the different cultures.
  2. To see the splendid aurora in Yellow Knife.
  3. To spend a year out of my home-country.
  4. To do up my port folio and be able to showcase them someday.
  5. To be able to do design work.
  6. To start my own business.
  7. To own my own house. Yes, I want to have a house of my own.
  8. To travel to Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Santorini, Switzerland and Cape Town.
  9. To take up another language.
  10. To ride a horse.

That’s all I have for now. However, I believe the list will go longer as time goes by.


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