There’s always a flame burning in everyone. The sizes of the flames differ from one another. All burn for a passion. A hope that this passion will turn into reality one day. It’s not easy to maintain this flame. It flickers whenever there are motion around it. It’s even more challenging to ensure the flame to burn for a life time.

My flame is burning, awaiting for the day that I could fulfill my dream. It’s hard to fuel this flame when I have other commitments at the same time. The flame become smaller when boundaries and limitations are set on me.

I never like restrictions set upon me. It’s suffocating. With boundaries, there are things that I could or could not do.

I long for freedom, where my mind can set free and wander to a place where it solely belongs to me. This is the ultimate goal which I am wildly chasing after. My flame burns brightly for my dream. One day, I will be able to live with it. E.


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