Happy Birthday Meh Meh!

To my dearest Meh Meh, 

This year marks the 6th year of our friendship. To be exact, the duration doesn’t matter and it doesn’t feel that long. We went through different phrases together, from being 1X to 2X, sharing of our dark secrets to knowing each other family. No word can express my thanks to you for being there for me no matter what happens. I know I can count on you.

Now that we are at our own pace to achieving our own goals, I wish us success in the areas that we want to go into. Let’s help and inspire one another. We have all the time in the world to mark the milestones together.


Not one of the greatest drawing, but one that is dedicated specially for you.

PS: I will add more charms to your bracelet. 🙂

Glad that you got to meet me,
Estney. Meow.


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