Crazy Shopping in Taipei

We spent the first few days of our journey SHOPPING! Yes, SHOPPING! The shopping in Taipei was fantastic. You will get to see a lot of cute things, nice clothing and shoes. They are so much more affordable as compared to the prices in Singapore. Moreover, there’s discount and tax rebates! I resisted from buying all the unpractical items and gifts. We shopped and ate at the same time. There are plenty of street food available, you won’t be able to starve! At most, sicked of eating all the fried food. That’s what happened.

Now as I blogged about this entry, it reminded me to stop shopping in Singapore, almost everything here is overpriced. Moreover, I do not have the mood to really shop now. (I am saving money for my next trip.) And my wardrobe and shoe rack is filled to the brim. I bought like 6 pairs of shoes from Taipei. Well… That explained a lot, right? E.

PS: The pretty lady in the images is Laureen. 😉

PPS: Did you manage to spot Iron Man?! 😀


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