Grad’ Trip in Taipei – Summary

Hello! I am back from my graduation trip from Taipei (Taiwan). I was away from 18 April to 23 April in Taipei – shopping, eating and minimal sight seeing. It’s was an relaxing trip. I didn’t took a lot of photos, as majority of the time, I was shopping or eating. Alternatively, I just do not feel like taking any photos.

I won’t deny the fact that I am having withdrawal symptoms now. Specifically, I miss the weather and shopping. I spent almost 99% of the budget for my own stuffs, and only using like 1% of it on gifts. It was a great trip, with great company – Laureen.

I guessed the difficulties in travelling in Taipei was that you must have a relatively good conduct of Chinese. Majority of the signboards are in Chinese, I can’t read some of them.

As for the food, I would say the bubble tea are great! I love their milk tea with herbal/grass jelly. It’s great! They tasted so much better than those that are available in Singapore. My favorite food through out this trip would be – Fried Golden Mushroom. It’s crispy and delicious. Thinking about all these street food, make me crave for them right now. Maybe, I should try and fry some golden mushroom soon! Maybe battered potatoes and lotus slices too. Sound like a plan! E.


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