Dear Esther

Dear Esther,

When you read this message, I want you to forget everything in Singapore and enjoy your holiday. You are flying to Taiwan with Laureen. Yay! Hopefully, you did not complain about the budget airline and learn to appreciate that you get to go overseas. Enjoy and embrace the culture, scenes and the beauty of the country. Bring back all the wonderful memories and pictures. Do not overspend. If you do not have time to take photos, it’s ok as these images will etch in your memory for long. Gain inspiration and continue to think of ideas for your portfolio. I know you should be relaxing and enjoying, but this is a great chance to open your mind to the unexpected too. Push yourself! You can do it. Most importantly, please look after yourself, especially your diet and health. Stay healthy and strong. I look forward to meet a better and fresher you. 🙂

Esther from the past.


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