Blog Design – Themes

I am thinking if I should change the blog’s theme. Thus, I was playing around with the themes that are available. I have shortlisted these three themes: Photography Theme, Superhero Theme and Twenty Eleven Theme.

I am currently using Twenty Eleven Theme, as it is easy to use. It has everything that I need or want for a blog. However, after exploring Photography Theme, it gave me an idea that I could merge both my port folio together with my blog. This will allow me to have everything on one site. The overall control is on a platform. However, I need to pay for the theme and I will need time to figure out how to use that. As for Superhero, I like the fixed header and the overall look and feel of the theme.

Thus, till now, I am unable to think which is the theme that I exactly want. I think I have to think through on the long term basic on what my focuses are, before I proceed to use the theme. Hopefully, I would be able to figure it out soon. E.



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