Blog Design – Colour Scheme

(Click on image to view in original size.) 

I had a hard time thinking of the colour scheme of my blog. I am 100% certain that the content area of the blog has to be WHITE. Well… at least I settled the content area.

Since I have no idea where to start from, I flipped through pages of the colour bridge. I didn’t look through every single colour, but I tried to observe which colours attract my attention and listed them out. After that, I started to compare and shortlist the ones that I could relate to. The above image shows the colours which I had shortlisted. My favourites are 2735 C and Reflex Blue C. Surprisingly, these colours are similar to the colour series in my wardrobe.

It wasn’t easy to streamline down to these colours. Furthermore, I would still need to further shortlist them, choosing only five(?) and making sure that they complement one another. It’s going to be tough, but I believe I could do it.

Do you like any colour(s) from the above list? E.

(Source: Pantone.)


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