045. At Your Deathbed

During the last few hours, you are lying on your deathbed. What are the memories which would flash by in your mind? What would you have done differently if you could live it all over again? What are your last wish? Who do you want to see, staying beside you? Have you ever thought about all these questions?

Life is so fragile and short. “Living life to the fullest.” That’s what everyone is saying. You have a dream and you chase after it. While focusing on the dream, you forget about others which may also require your attention, such as family or love ones. I won’t deny the fact that it’s hard to strike a balance in life. However, it always good to take out some time, chill and take a good look at your surrounding. Then, you may realise what your priorities are.

Everything you do is a choice. Instead of regretting at the later part of your life, why not embrace it and expect the unexpected? It may be blessing in disguise. However, remember this fact – all of us will have to face death some day. E.


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