Wee morning of 17.03.2013

It’s 0147 while I am writing this entry. I just attended my friend’s wedding. This is the third time that I attended my friends’ wedding. I came to the realisation that people around me are moving on to the next stage in life, be it in a relationship or chasing after their career. Time flies. It felt like yesterday when we were still studying and having fun together. Now, we are on our own path of life. And only through such festive occasions, we would meet again. It’s nice to meet up with people who knows you best despite the separation since graduation. It feels good to be laughing together again. Memories of the past kept flowing back. I wondered why am I so sentimental now. I can’t sleep, and am happily awake. I felt like I’m back to my comfort zone, which is a good thing. It’s nice to be disturbing people again! Oh… And relying on some of them. 🙂 I missed those days.


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