Thailand – Chiang Mai Day 2

On the second day of the trip, we set off super early in the morning. We went to see flowers and butterfly. As you can see, there are many empty cocoon shells, and I only managed to spot like 1 butterfly. After that, we went to the elephant farm. (I am not sure if “farm” is an exact word to use here.) On the way to the elephant farm, we took the bullock cart. My mum and I were practically the “drivers”. That’s like my first “driving” experience, but the vehicle is a bullock cart. It’s quite an experience. After that, we rode on the elephant. The elephant is huge. It was a bumpy ride through the forest and in the river. It’s fun! After that, we reach the farm, it was quite a sad scene. The elephants’s legs are chained up. Tourists bought bananas and sugar canes to feed them. The elephants were fighting to be fed. We managed to catch the scene of elephants bathing and elephant show, whereby they played soccer and painted drawings. The day ended of with additional shows; monkey show and snake show.

If you are to travel to Chiang Mai, I would suggest that you took both the bullock cart and elephant ride. It’s quite an refreshing and pleasant experience. However, I won’t suggest neither the monkey show nor the snake show. Firstly, because I am afraid of them. Secondly, the atmosphere of the show was dull. It felt like they were mainly going through the movements. There’s no excitement. It’s just my two cents worth. However, if you never watch any of these shows before, it’s good to watch them. Since you are already there, might as well enjoy the times there. E.


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