Cats in Crime: 031 and 032

I happened to chance upon this entry “Lovely Shetland Ponies Dressed in Sweaters to Promote Scotland“. The ponies are so cute. (I like ponies and horses.) For more information, you could visit Scotland tourism page. The below image is my favourite and it inspired me to draw 2 comics for my Cats in Crime series.


031. I want to go to SCOTLAND!

I do want to go to Scotland one day, and take a look at the ponies, with or without the cardigan. Haa. I wish I could go there and travel, in the near future.

032. A Cardigan

So, instead of purchasing an air ticket and fly across the globe. The owner of the cat bought a cardigan for the cat. Well, it’s better than not receiving any surprise, right? Thank goodness, the cat likes the cardigan a lot. Cat says, “So fuzzy…meow.”

(Original source of image.)


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