Thailand – Chiang Mai Day 1

Finally, I have the time to edit and blog about my Chiang Mai trip. I had been busy with my drawings and at the same time, wondering about some other issues. At the end of the day, I decided to give it a go. After all, I only lived once. (#YOLO, #YODO.) I am not going to elaborate more about my plans, as I do not want to jinx it.

Alright, I shall go back and talk about my trip. I went to Chiang Mai early last month with my mother. I checked the weather the day before I flew, the temperature was about 22°C. I packed several pullovers, as I am scared of cold. However, once I touched down, it was VERY HUMID!

Lesson learnt – Never believe the temperature stated on the internet. It would be better to pack a few tee shirts along. In the end, I went to bought a tee shirt from the night market. I didn’t even wore any of the pullovers for the next four days.

So here are the photos of Day 1…

We stayed at Centara Duangtawan Hotel. These were some of the buildings in front of the hotel. They were under construction.

Our day started at about 12pm. Our first stop was a temple – Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep. It’s commonly known as Doi Suthep.

View of Chang Mai from Doi Suthep. 

It’s GOLD! The photo does not do justice to it.

 Ah, my old enemy…Stairs. – Po (Kung Fu Panda).

After that, we went up the mountain and visited the Doi Pui Hmong Hilltribe Village.

Alright, that’s me, who is hiding behind the plants, with a slice of rock melon.

Could you see the snake? I was 1 metre away from it. I froze for a few seconds and ran away. I almost screamed. I took this photo from a distance. 

The baby is so cute and check out his chubby cheeks! 

This was where I had my dinner.

Anyway, I didn’t take any photo at the night market, as it was very crowded and I was busy shopping. The night market was a stone throw away from the hotel that I stayed at. I only managed to bought a tee shirt from the night market, as I completed most of my shopping at the village. At the night market, almost everyone was bargaining. I did too.

Shopping tip: just bargain! However, be prepared to walk away if the seller did not wish to give you a discount. There is a high chance that another stall (which is a few metres away) is selling the same items too.

Although it’s only the first day, I experienced several culture shocks. Based on my memory, I don’t remember seeing any buses. Their buses are liked lorries. I met both nice and not-so-nice people. Some of them are a bit aggressive. It might be due to language barrier. When I was over at the village, I saw children wearing traditional costumes and their houses are made of raw materials, like wood. I got to saw the Poppy plant. What’s so surprising about seeing that plant? Poppy seeds are illegal in Singapore. I encountered some raw experiences from just the first day of my trip. Well, there’s nothing to be  surprised about, as I am someone from the concrete jungle. Anyway, that’s the end of day 1.

Photo could be viewed from this album too.

(#YOLO: You Only Live Once. #YODO: You Only Die Once.)


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