Is love everlasting?

Once again, it’s the time of the year where lovers showered one another with overdose of romance and sweetness. Guys, it would be better to blame marketers than Saint Valentine for today. They are happily counting the money that you spent for this day. After all, today is the date that Saint Valentine was buried. In case you did not know why was he given a death sentence, he conducted marriages for the soldiers secretly. At that point of time, the king didn’t allow the soldiers to get married.

Anyway, if you have not decided on what to get for your love, you’re lucky! (I think this technique could just work on anybody.) I am giving you a quick suggestion. A red rose and a handwritten love letter. (Remember to sign off the letter as ‘Your <insert your name>’.) If he/she happens to ask you, “That’s all?” or “Why?” You could simply sweep them off their feet with some romantic history, at the same time acting all sweet and knowledgeable. Hint: Romance is the priority, and not boosting of your self-esteem.

So, here’s the explanation. When Saint Valentine was in jail, he fell in love with the jailor’s daughter. At the evening of the day he was going to be beheaded, he gave his lover a red rose and note, which was signed off as ‘Your Valentine’. Top it off with this mushy sentence, “Right now, I am reacting this scene. You are the love of my life. And I’m always yours.” (#BlahBlahBlah, #ActRomantic)

Hopefully, after hearing that, your partner is smiling so brightly and do not pursue it further. After all, Valentine day is just another day. You shouldn’t just love, care or be extremely nice to one another for only a day? What about the other 364 days? If you got slap or your partner rolls his/her eyes, well, there’s nothing I could to help.

Anyway, for those singles out there, don’t be upset. Like I mentioned, it’s just another day. The plus point is, you CAN celebrate the occasion too. As long as you are happy, nothing else matters.

As for those who hate Valentine’s day or Love, here a good read for you. There’s no such thing as everlasting love (according to science). Now, I am getting to my point. If you have read deep into my words, you would have guessed that I am not into Valentine’s day. However, if it’s a public holiday, it may be another issue. I don’t believe in everlasting love, that’s why part of me felt that there isn’t a need to celebrate. But still… I am happy because I get to see pretty scenes, things and the vibes around you is positive. It’s nice to be around happy people.

Based on the above article, love is an emotion. It connects you to any other person. You could only momentarily fall in love with strangers. During micro-moments of love, the Oxytocin (the ‘love’ hormone) levels between both parties would increase. Based on this context, we could just fall in love countless times with different people everyday. These positive feelings can be cultivated with friends and family too. Love should not be limited to just your significant other.

True love is passionate love that never fades; if you are in true love, you should marry that person; if love ends, you should leave that person because it was not true love; and if you can find the right person, you will have true love forever. You might not believe this myth yourself, particularly if you are older than thirty; but many young people in Western nations are raised on it, and it acts as an ideal that they unconsciously carry with them even if they scoff at it… But if true love is defined as eternal passion, it is biologically impossible.

-“The love myth”, Jonathan Haidt.

So, is love everlasting? There are always different views. It’s debatable. To me, I don’t believe in forever. At least for now. It’s even harder to look out for love, especially when there are so many distractions (such as the social media). It’s a huge commitment between the two parties to maintain the love. Nevertheless, who doesn’t wish to love and to be loved? Love…it’s so simple yet complicated. It’s so contradicting. (#IKR!)

Anyway…if you are looking for love this Valentine, start from your surrounding! You have always been surrounded by love. It’s time to open your arms and embrace it. It perfectly fine to be consumed by Love. (#wink) Imagine, if everyone is in love, won’t the world be a better place? 🙂

May everyone be love everyday! At least, be surrounded by positive vibes. Happy Valentine’s Day. 🙂 E.

(Source of quote.)

(#IKR!: I know right!)


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