Things Substitute by Modern Technology

Technology is advancing. That’s a fact. Almost everyone (in Singapore) is using a smartphone (including kids!). Gone were the days of jotter books, pagers and five stones. Now, they could be easily be classified under retro or vintage items. And to think that I am a child from the 90s. Time flies. I could still remember vividly some of the pop songs during that period. For example, Barbie Girl and Doctor Jones. Life was simple back then.

Here’s something interesting that I found online…

(Source via Mashable.)

I strongly agreed with the following points,  as I hardly seen those items or practice them.

5. Use public telephones
7. Print photographs
10. Carry portable Casette or CD players
11. Handwritten letters
14. Make mix tapes
25. Read a hard copy of Yellow Pages
25. Look up something in dictionary
30. Use pagers
46. Send post cards

Who knows what the future brings? We may not even need computers or laptops then. Tablets would be as thin as paper liked a PaperTab. All of us may be using that in the future. It’s kind of cool to know that technology is advancing at an extremely fast pace, at the same time, it saddening to know that some items will face extinction. E.


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