Cats in Crime: 025 and 026

025: Welcome to the dark side…

It’s still early for Halloween to start the costume party. However, the night is the right time for the vampire to strike. (No, I did not catch the vampire fever.) Initially, I do not have any idea on what to draw. I just started drawing and my itchy hand drew the fangs. Well… One thing led to another. The fish were dead, and there’s no blood in them. My concept on cat turning into vampire is weird. Why? It would still goes for fish instead of another cat. Hmmm… 

026: Height issue

This is how I visualised the cat’s height. Majority of the time, it’s about 3 inches tall. It might be due to the paper that I used, or it might be a habit. By the way, I am referring to the drawing, not a real cat.


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