024. Chef Meow

The difference between my food and others? I put in 100% of my heart into cooking. The same amount apply to doing other things. You have to put your heart in, and people will be able to feel your efforts.

– Chef Meow

I went to visit a F&B (food and beverages) shop that day (24 Jan 2013). I went to take a look at what’s happening behind the scene. It’s not a very famous or posh restaurant. However, the food was very savory and the soup tasted very rich. The chef used the freshest ingredients everyday. I had a chance to talk with the chef to find out the reasons why the food tasted so good. The above quotation was what she said. Sound cliché. However, I can’t deny the fact that the food was good. Moreover, it’s isn’t easy for a person work in a kitchen for a long period of time too. The chef doesn’t have any helper. She prepared all the dishes herself. Could you imagine the amount of efforts put in?


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