Cats in Crime: 020 – 022

020. Pattern Making

I spent my Sunday looking through patterns, as I wanted to start on my own DIY project. I want to make some pairs of shorts for myself. So, I was looking through Pinterest for inspiration. Actually, It’s relatively easy to make a pattern. However, I would only be able to find out if that pattern would suit me, after the actual product is sewn.

021. Wrapped like a sushi roll. 

I always felt like a sushi roll whenever I wore my thick jacket. Maybe because I am wearing another layer, just like how the seaweed is wrapped around the rice. Tight and cozy. (Well…not the correct descriptions for food. But the idea is there…hmmm…)

That’s my #ootd (outfit of that day). I wore a pullover over my shirt, so as to keep myself warm. I liked that pullover due to the small details at the shoulder.

As my illustration isn’t able to portray the cuteness of a cat underneath a blank, let me show you a video.


022: Suddenly, they screamed. 

After lunch, my colleagues and I were walking back to our office. As I was walking in front, I had no idea what was happening behind me. As I was causally walking, suddenly I heard a scream. When I turned back, there are no people behind me. That’s was fast. I was caught off guard. I am not going to say much about the incident, but thank goodness, no one was harmed.


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