Cats in Crime: 012 – 019

I decided not to post the drawing everyday. It’s rather tiring to draw and digitalised it. It took up quite an amount of time and effort everyday. It’s not that I am lazy, but doing it everyday somehow seems like a chore more than something that I enjoyed doing. So, I concluded that I will still draw something everyday, but the final result will be delay. Moreover, this allows me to have more time to muse about other things in life and what are the aspects or fields that I could explore into. Plus, there are other things that I wish to do too. Right now, my drawings are more or less snippets of my daily thoughts. It’s not very interesting, but rather something that almost everyone could relate to.

You might have realised that I came back to WordPress. I am very fickle-minded. I decided to blog here due to some factors. However, who knows someday, I might change again. Looking on a long-term basis, I would still opt for WordPress. (This is just a gut feeling. We shall see. So, I am leaving my the other blog, as it is right now.)

Alright, we shall go straight to the illustrations…

012. The world is spinning.

For those who didn’t know, I was having a very bad case of food poisoning. Till date (20 Jan), I am slowly recovering from it. It had been almost a week that I had food poisoning. On that day, I felt relatively weak and giddy. It got worse as time passes. It may be due to the fact that I am unable to take in food. I was surviving on liquid diet, mainly water and salt solution. Well, maybe that’s one of the main reason for my giddiness.

013. Starring at the screen

Well, other than resting or starring at the wall, majority of my time was spent watching this Chinese drama “後宮甄嬛傳” (Empresses in the Palace). It’s a show about several women, empress and the concubines to be exact, fighting over the “love” of a emperor and staying alive by running away from each other’s evil claws or traps. It’s rather interesting. Somehow, it reminded me of soccer – 22 men chasing after a ball. However, this show is about women using different techniques to catch the emperor’s attention and ensuring their own safety. What an analogy!

 014. Money……

Always sunny. In a rich man’s world. – ABBA, Money Money Money.
(Listen to it here.)

You need to have money for almost everything. The cost of living is increasing day after day. And I was calculating the amount of money I had spent on medicine (for my food poisoning), it’s quite a sum as I went to see three different doctors. :/ I won’t deny the fact that it’s so easy to waste money, and it so hard to earn it back. Well, I need to start saving up.

015. Sprawling

That’s what I did.

016. Aching legs

After resting for more than 4 days, I stepped foot out of my house. I had no energy. My legs are aching. I need to exercise once I recovered. I hate food poisoning.

017. Sleepy dreamy cat

018. Question

Well, sometimes I questioned myself “why am I drawing all these?” Only to realise that I enjoyed drawing and do not want to gain anything out of these. To start with a 365 project, mainly on drawing cats, I am trying to stretch myself – to see how creative can I be? It’s still early to judge. However, I am quite proud of myself that I manage to come out with an idea everyday and being persistent about this project.

019. Gloomy weather

It had been raining since the wee hours of this morning. I was sleeping and snuggling under my blanket, so as to do justice to the weather. I love to sleep in these weather. It’s so cooling and allows me to appreciate and love my bed more than ever. The cat decided to went out to have a walk in the rain. It’d been years since the yellow raincoat was utilised. Kind of nostalgia. The weather did remind me of “Singing in the rain”.

Alright, these are all that I had drew for the past few days.

Anyway, I had a humble request – please leave some comments about my doodles. I would love to hear from you guys about my illustrations, like areas that I could improve on and such. Thanks for viewing. E. 


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