Chang Mai – Reflection

I am back from Chiang Mai. To be honest, I was never this homesick before. I was looking out of the taxi’s window and I realised that I miss Singapore badly. I failed to appreciate the good, now I learnt to appreciate her more. Clean air, clean toilets, a large variety of food which are easily accessible and a great infrastructure. I am so thankful for those and more. (Maybe except the cost of living here.)
Having said that, I am extremely thankful to have visit Chiang Mai too. I have one of the raw experiences. Now, I fully understand this Chinese idiom ‘身在福中不知福’ (Translation: you don’t know how blessed you are). At this second, I’m contented. I am surrounded with so much blessings. How could I not realise that?
I am so glad to be home and be welcome by the warmth* of Singapore. Thank you Chiang Mai for all the experiences that had opened my mind. This marked a beautiful start for my 2013. I believe this year would be different and a great one too. E.
*Pun intended: Singapore is a very hot country. It’s summer all year round. Get it?
Post drafted on 8/1/2012 – 00.12am.

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