December in a Fleet

Once again, it’s a review on the month of December. I would say I am loving the holidays. I am enjoying the time after my examinations, which happened to be at the start of December.

I used up 3 highlighters while studying for my last 2 modules. I think I was in some colouring contest rather than highlighting the important notes.

Saw a snail on a wall. Not sure if it’s stuck or dead. 

I went back to work once my exams are over. And that’s the start of the celebration, first on the list: Christmas buffet. 

Went to recce some places. 

Painted my nails purple (Skyscaper by China Glaze) and it lasted for a week.

Changed the casing of my phones. The cat is so cute!!



A postcard from my love, @marill. 

And what’s Christmas without logcake?

As you can see, I have been eating and eating so many desserts, December had contributed a few kilograms to my weight. For the year of 2013, I guessed I need to go on a very strict diet for a healthier body!


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