Eastern Europe – Vienna

Finally, I found the time to continue blog about my Eastern Europe trip. Now that I have more time on hand, I will try to complete all the posts on my Eastern Europe trip asap. I had been procrastinating for too long. (I know right…) There are still a few more posts to go. So, please stay tune to them…

This post will be about Vienna. I went to the Schonbrunn Palace which consists of 1,441 rooms! Sadly, photos are not allowed in the palace. So, I can’t show you the grand design of the rooms. Different rooms have different themes. Some of the rooms are similar to those in fairy tales, story books, movies, etc. (Imagine that!) If you have the chance to go Vienna, do consider going to this Palace and take a look at the interior. Other than the palace, I went to the Vienna Ring and the St Stephen’s Cathedral, which is situated in the heart of Old Vienna.

Now, let’s us let the photos do the talking…

 Schonbrunn Palace


Alright, that’s all for Vienna. Photos can be viewed in this album too. 🙂


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