Mann’s Wedding

This year one of my friend, Mann, got married on 18 Nov. Some of us from RP went for his wedding. It had been awhile since our class gathered, somehow it felt like a mini gathering too. Memories did flood back on that day, while we were on our way to the location. Those were the days which we decided to skip class together… Everyone has their own plans. Life is as such, everyone went their own ways after education, some stay in touch. It’s a nice feeling to see everyone after nearing 2 years.

With the bride and groom.

Without the bride and groom.

Above photos are from Laureen’s camera (left). Anyway, she is selling hand-made accessories. Please go and take a look, if you like unique products.

Here’re the photos from instagram…

Laureen and I.

With Geng Hong.

I do miss those days when I was still in polytechnic. Those were the fun and crazy days. Well, now it’s a different kind of fun and crazy. Alright, ending off this post with a picture of me on that day. I decided to cam-whore a little since it’s been awhile since I put on full makeup.



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