Eastern Europe – Krakow

In Krakow, I went to Auswitz Concentration Camp, the largest German concentration camp. One of Hitler’s creation of terror. I also went to some other places like St Mary Basilica and the Medieval Cloth Hall. Lastly, I went to the Wieliczka Salt Mine, which is one of the oldest mine in Poland.

First stop: Auswitz Concentration Camp.

The railway to living hell.

The train that brought them to living hell.

Keeping their hopes high and hoping that one day, they will be able to get out alive.

That place is huge.

This is where the victims rest. They all squeeze in this small area and there is no heater during winter and no fan during summer. The living condition is beyond one’s imagination. 


It was the Euro Cup 2012. And Poland was having a match that day. Everyone in Poland were very excited about the game. 

I like this picture a lot. Maybe I should name it as “Feather of the fallen angel.” 😉

The horses are so beautifully accessorised.

Euro Cup Fever!

It was an awesome experience to witness the whole town being so enthusiastic about Euro Cup. Even though I may not be a soccer fan, but I was influenced by the mood that I watched the Euro Cup there too. It was great.

We have to walked down many many stairs in order to reach the salt mine. It’s like an never-ending amount of stairs.

Those are salt crystallised together, not icicles.

The main chamber is gorgeous! The photo is not doing justice to it.

The last supper.

This is the lobby. Behind those red gates are the lift. It’s those vintage lift where there is a person to help you to slide open the gate. The lift can only hold up to 9 people, if I remember correctly. However, there’s no lights in the lift. The journey from the tunnel to the lobby is filled with darkness. Pitch dark.

Lastly, photo of salt. They are edible.

Photos can be viewed in this album.

It took me quite a while to prepare this entry, as I have plenty of deadline to meet. Nevertheless, hope you enjoy viewing the photos.


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