September in a fleet…

September is my favourite month. At times, its a “love-hate” month too. This September, many things happened. Class started, assignments, tutorials, test and exams are coming. Nevertheless, I still have work to be completed. I attended sewing classes, it has always been one of my to-learn list. I met up with some of my close buddies too. Lastly, a few cozy celebrations for my birthday. This year I did receive quite a few surprises from my 2 lovers. Thank you both, @laureenho and @marill!

@marill, I didn’t expect a gift, let alone that book!

@laureenho, thanks for the surprise after class! I was shock by the chain of events after that.

Looking back, there are definitely up and downs. But overall, it was more than just great! 😀 So, I will just let the pictures to do the talking about my September.

Met my buddy at the start of the month. We had Muddy Mud Pie (dessert) for dinner.

Leather teddy! I want!

Dorothy who (China glaze) is Dating her royal (OPI).

There’re many events this month.

School started.

Torched salmon sushi. 🙂

A glowing apple.

Meow (left)… meow (right)… meow?

View from a window.

Maggie mee!!! 

This reminds me of marketing. The dog is cute.

Celebrated my birthday at Universal Studios Singapore on the 22nd with family and Meh. Took the Transformer ride with Meh at Universal Studios Singapore. 

Sadly, the ride broke down. 

Tasty sesame streets characters cupcakes. 

We love Puss in boots. Do I need to explain how much I love Puss? Meow. 

A new addition to my collection. “Me want cookies!”

A surprise gift.

A practical gift from Meh.

Cowardly Lyin’ (China Glaze)

Some cool buttons.

Some cool buttons out of the cool buttons.

One of the bags sewed by me. 🙂

New watches to the collections.

 September came to a great end. Good food, company and new items.

Photos grabbed from my instagramAre you on instagram too? 


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