Juggling Social Media

The reason why I am writing about this is that there’re way too many social media platforms now. It may or may not be a good thing depending on individual. The social media did manage to help connect people from all over the different areas together, exposing oneself to so many people out there and of course, appreciating the different cultures. It’s fantastic! It even connects you to your idols! And with the inventions of the smart phones and tablets, there are way too many apps to connect to one another too.

It boils down to a point that I am very tired (in terms of brain usage) of using social media platforms. I don’t really like to go on Facebook or Twitter that often now. The current platforms that I used quite frequently are Instagram, WordPress (it’s kind of obvious) and Google+. Now, I mainly used Google+ to upload photos. In addition, I have a Gmail account, I could easily access it with a click.

There are a few reasons why I don’t like to use those two platforms anymore.

  1. It becomes a place for marketing.
  2. Nothing much interests me in those platforms currently.
  3. There’re more negative thoughts than positive thoughts. I have nothing against them. So I decided to do nothing, and ignore them.

Nevertheless, I do still visits these platforms as and when I feel like it. I posted. And of course, I linked some of my other social media platforms, WordPress and Instagram to my Twitter. Instead of tweeting, I used alternatives. I hardly used Facebook ever since my account converted to Timeline. It became a online cloud where I get my photos from my friends. Somehow, both Facebook and Google+ became my image gallery. Oh, not forgetting Instagram, I tweet with photos. I guessed I preferred more visuals than texts.

I feel happier now that I don’t access them regularly. Maybe I am doing other things that I want and am enjoying the process. I do love to share photos of interesting stuffs and my travels. I enjoy the process of editing photos. When I looked back into the history, I feel happier too.

Now that I have slowly detached myself from some of the social media platforms, the next thing to cut down on is the usage of my phone. Actually, I do miss the days I don’t own a phone. I felt like I am relying too much on my phone. Majority of the time I have my phone with me. For some reasons, I don’t find it healthy. Maybe, I will write about this the next time. Till then… 🙂


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