Eastern Europe – Prague

Now, let’s moved on to Prague. We spent a longer time in Prague as compared to the previous two places. Nevertheless, Prague is beautiful too. This post is “photos- intensive”, as we went to quite a few different places. I skipped a lot on the history and stories of the places  , as they could be easily found online. Moreover, I was blown away by the beauty and the scenery around me. I am too absorbed appreciating the beauty, the weather and the freedom. Nevertheless, I understand the importance of each country’s history. So pardon me, for the “amount” of words in each of the posts.

In Prague, we went to Hradcany Castle and St Vitus Catherdral. After that we cross the Charles Bridge to see the 13th Century Gothic Town Hall and the Astronomical Clock. Alright… Let’s look at the photos. 🙂 (There’re 85 photos, so it might take awhile to load.)

Guard is guarding the Hradcany Castle.

Hradcany Castle

Hradcany Castle

St Vitus Catherdral

Interior of St Vitus Catherdral

Stained glass window of St Vitus Catherdral

St Vitus Catherdral

Spot the Charles Bridge.

Wine. Many bottles of wine.

Shakespeare shop.


Walking over to the Charles Bridge. (Spot me: I am in white.)

The lady is making this. It’s a type of bread.

So this is how the end product looks like. I didn’t get to try it, but heard that it is very nice.

Charles Bridge.

Statue found at the Charles Bridge.


And more statues.

Walking on Charles Bridge.

St Vitus Catherdral

We reached the Old Town of Prague.

Old Town Square

Toy Spider on the road.

Horse Carriage

Astronomical Clock


This boat is part of the interior design of a restaurant. I love this boat a lot.

Soon, it’s the night again.

Alright, that’s all for Prague. You can view the photos in this album.

Psst… The reason why I took so long to post a entry is because there are too many photos to sieve out. The editing process takes quite a few hours. I am working and studying part time. Hence, the lack of time. There will be more coming soon.


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