Eastern Europe – Frankfurt and Plzen

I finally had the time to edit and write an entry for my Europe trip. Even though, it happened 2 months ago, but the memory made from this trip is endearing. I will visit there again.

The trip took placed in first two weeks of June, for 13 days. The entire trip was booked with a travel agency. It was a direct flight to Frankfurt by Singapore Airlines. The flight journey was about 13 hours. I studied, ate, slept and watched the movies that were available in plane. (There’s nothing much you can do on plane.)  So when I touched down in Frankfurt, it’s already night time over at Frankfurt. After checking in to the hotels, it’s time for bed again.

Alright, let’s allow the photos to do the “talking”…

This is how Frankfurt looks like at night, from the hotel room. Gorgeous, isn’t it?

 This is how it looks like in the morning. I felt like I am living in cloud 9 at that time point of time. The weather is very cooling that day too.

Just another view of Frankfurt.

After resting in Frankfurt for a night, we went to Plzen to see St Bartholomew Cathedral, the Great Synagogue  and the Old Renaissance Town Hall.


A close-up of the windmill which you can hardly spot one in Singapore.

Another beautiful scene while traveling to Plzen. (Try and see if you can spot my reflection.)

Heavy vehicles stacking on top of one another. So this is what happened if lorry breaks down, a bigger version tagged along. 😉

We reached PLZEN!!!


St Bartholomew Cathedral

Interior of St Bartholomew Cathedral

Interior of St Bartholomew Cathedral

Stained glass window in St Bartholomew Cathedral. 

Walking down the streets of Plzen. 

Chubby pigeon. 

The Great Synagogue

Transportation in Plzen. 

Check out the reflections. 

This reminded me of International Marketing case study. 

Seeing this clock now, reminds me that I need to get a watch soon. 

After touring for a day, we checked in to another hotel to have our rest. 

A peaceful scene as the sun sets. 

A beautiful piece of art painted by Mother Nature. 

That’s it for the first 2 days of my trip. I will have another entry on the food. Above photos can also be view in this album too.


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