Sweet dream is sweet.

I was hopping around to find out that more and more people are working towards their dreams. Indeed, they are truly inspiring. It reminds me of my dreams too. (Yes, it ends with  a “S”.) It keep me wondering am I working towards them? Or am I giving too much excuses and not doing all the necessary work.

I am certain that right now, my prioritization are on studies and earning as much as possible, so that I have the financial support for my dreams. Therefore, I lack the time to do the things I truly want. For me to say that, it also means that I am poor in my time management. I do put time aside to enjoy. Nevertheless, I am working towards my dream slowly. I would say that it’s at a relative slow pace.

I will remind myself of my dreams and work towards them. I really wish I can fulfill them real soon. 😀 Sweet dream is indeed sweet.


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