Before I start to get into the main topic, I would like to say my thanks first. 🙂 I am extremely thankful for this Europe trip; it had always been my dream to go to Europe. Nevertheless, I believe I will visit there again in future. It is a life changing experience for me. It did open up my mind. I’m thankful that I went ahead with the trip despite all the crashing schedules. I didn’t regret it at all.

From the recent concluded trip, it allowed me to realise about the more about myself, be it what I need or want. All these thoughts kept running through my brain on the last day of the trip. Especially once I landed in Singapore, it became relatively overwhelming to the extend I’m emotionally exhausted. Not forgetting the fact that I’m physically tired too, since it’s a direct 13 hours flight. So, just imagine the tiredness I am experiencing. While I was in Europe, I think of nothing but freedom and enjoyment. But once I’m back here, I feel suffocated from all the ideas or standards that people are imposing towards anyone or anything.

#1: I’m sick of all the “ideas” which people are imposing on me. 

I feel suffocated with everyone telling me “this is for your own good” or in other words “best practices”. What’s with the “you should do this…this and this…” I don’t understand why should I follow what you think is good for me. I know what I should or should not do; after all I understand exactly what I want. It’s my freedom of choice. Opinions are welcome, but don’t you impose them on me. Now, I am claustrophobic towards such attitudes.

#2: I love freedom too much.

As mentioned earlier, I don’t like people telling me what to do with my life. I like to wander around to experience all the different form of emotions. I enjoyed so much peace during this trip, as there hardly any nagging, questioning or scolding. It’s great! 2 weeks of peacefulness, it’s like GOLD to me. I didn’t have to account to anyone during those 2 weeks. This is the freedom that I want all along. I don’t like to report to anyone neither do I like to have a microchip attached to me.

#3: There is a need to balance between happiness and achievements.

Before the trip, I was worrying about work, studies and this trip. All three schedules crashed with one another. However, somehow Mother Nature managed to solve it for me. I managed to get approval for leaves. I had great team mates who will step in for the team assignments. I had great lecturers who understand and helped along the way. At the week before I flew, the time table for my tests are out, thank goodness, they are schedule after a week of my arrival date. I am extremely thankful and glad that everything went smoothly. I have been dreaming about going Europe since ages. This was a dream came true for me; obviously, I was not going to miss this chance. After I am back, I did feel a sense of fulfilment, as I experience quite a few “firsts” over at Europe.  It made me think about what I want and my current studies. 

As much as I want to score well for my studies, at the end of the day, it just a score on the report card. On the global stage, the report card is nothing. It about what you have learnt, what you could bring along and offer to others.  What comes around goes around. You don’t have to sit in for a class to learn to be nice, respect people and be humble. Achievement can bring you to a certain destination, but you are not happy during the process or at the end of it. I wonder what you are going to do. I am not saying I’m not going to study or put in effort, after all, it’s still my responsibility to do my best, stop complaining or whining, since it’s a choice that I chose. Enjoy and turn the negative energy into positive influence. Whatever result I get, it’s just another result.

Thus, it leads on to my next point.

#4: No point wasting energy on negative emotions.

It’s tiring and sickening. Period.

#5. Learn to slow down and appreciate the goodness around me.

It’s about time I do that. Even though I am still young, but I no longer find the time of rushing through things. I prefer things at a slower pace. You get to see more and feel more. Imagine this, you are rushing through your day, at the end of the day, you do not know what exactly happened. That’s kind of sad, if you can’t think of an incident that gave you a second of happiness. Slow down, observe and appreciate, you may find something interesting along the way. That’s how you get first-hand experience.

#6. I feel like a “local foreigner”.

I was away for merely 2 weeks. Once, I am back in my hometown, my first impression was everything was so foreign to me. I have no idea why. Nothing seems to interest me at the moment. I left like I’m better off “flying around”.  That’s like when I’m truly myself. 🙂

Seriously, this trip allows me to reflect a lot. I believe that the above 6 points are good enough for me to remember. Like I said I realised them when I was away for a trip, I may wore rose-tinted glasses while viewing everything. Nevertheless, I am certainly determined about a few points. At times, it just sucks that reality work this way. But, not forgetting the fact that, everything that I do is a choice of mine. 

Yes, this trip was fantastic! 


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